Ramiro is an Emmy-winning director and animator currently focused on Virtual Reality and VR Storytelling.

Ramiro is the director of “Henry”, Oculus Story Studio’s Emmy-winning second VR movie, and he’s the Animation Supervisor on the other Oculus Story Studio VR experiences, including “Lost”, “Dear Angelica” and “Wolves in the Walls”.

Before joining Oculus, he worked as an animator at Pixar Animation Studios bringing to life classic characters from award-winning films like “Toy Story”, “Monsters University”, “Cars”, and “Brave”. He came to Pixar from Spain, where he worked as a Lead Supervising Animator on Ilion/Sony Pictures’ “Planet 51”.

With almost 15 years of experience, he continues pursuing his passion for storytelling, animation, and technology.

He loves exploring the groundbreaking opportunities for telling stories and engaging audiences in new ways through Virtual Reality and new technologies.